About Delian

A leading Chinese dental product manufacturer under the well known DELIAN brand and service program.

Brand and Products

Consumables, infection control, endodontics, restoratives, impression materials, oral hygiene, children products.

Sales Partners & Distributors

High level professional area sales and product management team, high qualified and well trained sales representatives.

Clinics and Hospitals

Nationwide cooperation in therapy and product source with hospitals, dental clinics and private clinical centers.

Delian Products
Some Delian Core Features

High Quality Products

Complete Range of Consumables, Disposables, Endodontics, Materials, Instruments and Equipment

Excellent Price Value Relation

Best Service and Education

Safe and Fast Deliveries

Multiple International Certifications

Fast growing National and International Consultants and Distributors

Permanent Investment in New Technology and M&A opportunities

Corporate Responsibility